Manthar Transport Co. Journey from Non Ac to Executive Bus Service

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Manthar Transport Co. is one the biggest and oldest bus service which was founded in 1984 from non ac buses and today owns luxury buses with affordable fares.

When we talk about transportation before the 21st century, we remember Non AC buses, which were quite airy and were known as the best transport solution at that time. No concept of Luxury bus service was known at that time.


Manthar Group Inception:

Manthar Group started its services in 1984 with the aim to provide the best possible solution for traveling within the country. Soon they became a giant of the travel industry and were known all over the country for their safe and reliable bus operations. They ruled the country in passenger transportation with multiple routes and affordable bus ticket prices.

The company has been rendering transport facilities since its inception. The passenger is not restricted to a fixed schedule to interact with their journey when you are ready to travel select the desired time in which you can move.


Today’s Manthar Transport Company:

With the Passage of time, Manthar Transport Co. also updated its fleet and has shown significant improvement in the company’s services over time. Manthar Transport Co. is now one of the oldest and largest Transport Company with a superior and organized transport system in Pakistan. Manthar Transport Co. has luxury buses including Daewoo, Yutong, and King Long which ranks the best in Pakistan in terms of luxury and comfort. Being a transport service provider the company owns a large fleet of buses, Technically Advanced Workshops to maintain the fleet for the safety of the passengers, State of Art Terminals, Drivers, and Mechanical Staff.


The company has terminals all over the country, where facilities are available like any other bus company including neat and clean washrooms, LCD display, Drinking Water, Mosque, and separate waiting areas for Ladies and Gents.


Environment & Refreshment:

Manthar Transport provides the safest atmosphere throughout the journey. The most secure, refreshing, and caring trip. Manthar Transport offers affordable tickets to their passengers comparatively others. Food is deliberated to be the core essence of every journey, Manthar Transport allows its passenger to treat their taste buds with delightful snacks.


Security and Surveillance:

Being a Service provider passenger security is the topmost priority. With the assistance of Manthar Transport Eagle Eye Surveillance, traveling with us ensures that you and your family enjoy the journey in absence of any fear. CCTV cameras are available in buses and terminals to look after the customer’s belongings.


Manthar Mobile Application:

Manthar Transport Co. has its own mobile application named Manthar Group, from where you can check live bus schedule, view rentals of the different cities. And also you can book your ticket from the comfort of your own home without standing in queues.

If you book a seat and for some reason, you do not want to travel, you can cancel the booking any time you like and if you want to travel at another time schedule, you can shift your ticket at the desired traveling time, without any service charges.


Major Routes:

The major bus Routes and the fare is given below.

Sadiqabad to Lahore              1200

Sadiqabad to Rawalpindi       1600

Sadiqabad to Karachi             1200

Sadiqabad to Jhelum             1600

Sadiqabad to Sialkot              1500


Why Choose Manthar Transport Co.?

There are some great and special things about bus service that make the passenger like to travel in it.

The bus is very luxurious and airy in which you can travel comfortably also the bus seats are very comfortable on which the passenger can feel comfortable and make his journey pleasant.

You can book the ticket by phone booking and get the ticket 1 hour before the departure of the bus. If you get the ticket then Arrive later 15 minutes before departure.

Now you can Book & Purchase your favorite seat without the hassle of visiting our terminal. All you need to download and install our Mobile App that is available for both Android and iOS. The Bookings made using Mobile App will remain available till the departure of the bus and a confirmation SMS will be sent to the valued passengers.


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Manthar Transport Co. Journey from Non Ac to Executive Bus Service

Manthar Transport Co. is one the biggest and oldest bus service which was founded in 1984 from non ac buses and today owns luxury buses with affordable fares.