About Us

Manthar Transport Co. is the oldest and the biggest Transport Company with an advanced and organized transport system in Pakistan. It is the only transport company to have a nationwide network. Being a transport service provider the company owns a large fleet of buses, Technically Advanced Workshops to maintain the fleet for the safety of the passengers, State of the Art Terminals, Drivers and Mechanical Staff. Manthar Transport Co. has been rendering transport facilities since its inception in 1984 to the people of Pakistan.

Versatile Service:

Manthar Transport Co. offers the most flexible environment for their valued passengers. The passenger is not limited to a fixed schedule to interact their journey when you are ready. We offer four times in a day for our valued passengers.


Manthar Transport Co. provide the safest atmosphere throughout the journey. The most secure, refreshing and caring trip.


Manthar Transport Co. offers one of the affordable tickets to their passengers comparatively others.


Our Mission

  1. Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Services.
  2. Provide Employees with an Attractive Working Environment.
  3. Provide professional, equitable and sustainable transport services.
  4. Maintain High Ethical Standards.
  5. Appointing high quality staff.
  6. Offering customers a dedicated and personalized service.
  7. Maintaining service excellence.
  8. Providing best transport solutions for each customer needs.
  9. Treating staff and customers with respect and honesty.
  10. We ensure complete security

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